adidas Yeezy NSTLD Boot 'Khaki'
adidas Yeezy NSTLD Boot 'Khaki'
,adidas Yeezy NSTLD Boot 'Khaki'
adidas Yeezy NSTLD Boot 'Khaki'
adidas Yeezy NSTLD Boot 'Khaki'

Official Release Info and Photos: adidas Yeezy NSLTD Boot 'Khaki'
Release: 5 November 2021

The new NSTLD Boot from Kanye West and adidas is unlike anything the Yeezy line have released before. Past drops like the Yeezy Desert Boot, Yeezy 950 or any of the multitude of Yeezy Season boots designed by Yeezy alum Salehe Bembury supply a technical, utilitarian look. The NSTLD Boot, however? It looks like something that's straight out of Star Wars, and it's set to kick off a new chapter for West's footwear lineup.

Debuting in an aptly-named 'Khaki' colourway, the NSTLD Boot features a puffy, insulated upper that's devoid of laces and secured by a wrap-around Velcro closure on its lateral side. Down below, the midsole's Foam Runner-like exoskeleton, done up in a different shade of khaki, creeps up onto the upper for support and layered style. Outsoles, which look like they could have been pulled from the TERREX line are rough and rugged for all-terrain grip.

Following a Yeezy Mafia leak in recent weeks, the adidas Yeezy NSTLD Boot is set to release via the adidas webstore and Yeezy Supply come November 5. Early reports placed its price at $250, but it'll arrive at a steeper $340 price point.

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