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adidas Yeezy 750 BOOST (First Look)

'Yeah, respect my trendsetting abilities. Once that happens, everyone wins. The world wins; fresh kids win; creatives win; the company wins.' Kanye West said this back in 2013, and has asked adidas to believe in him, give him free reign to create something new, and the first look at the new 'Yeezy 750 Boost' suggests that the Three Stripes came good on these terms. As soon as grainy images of the potential design surfaced from a plane ride a few months ago, the hater knives have been sharpening ready to slash and tear down Kanye's latest incursion into the sneakerworld. Now that we have a better look at the design – Kanye has been wearing a pair around and his friends  have begun stunting in their early pairs – we can better evaluate it, even though the official reveal isn't until later this week.

First thing to note is that it's a bold step out of the athletic world when compared to previous Kanye releases with Nike; it's more suited to partnering with leather jogging pants than those cotton joints that are actually intended for jogging in. A zipper on the upper can be pulled down and you can slip your pants through, so there are a few ways to wear these. Lord Yeezy's love for velcro straps hasn't dwindled after his defection, either, there's a massive one on the midfoot of the Yeezy Boost to keep things snug, but mainly it's included as a fashion feature. Down low, a chunky ridged Boost sole lies in off-white. Word is there will be another colourway dropping too, possibly red, along with this wolfish grey number; meaning Kanye is still digging a similar colour palette to when he was working on the Yeezy 2. Judging by the Post-It notes on the friends and family shoe boxes, we're thinking they run large too, probably a size bigger. If not, then Jay-Z is a big man with a tiny foot.

Stay locked to Sneaker Freaker for more info about the Yeezy Boost as it comes in.

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