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adidas VP On Why They Keep Restocking Yeezys

Adidas Vp Breaks Down Why They Keep Restocking Yeezys 1Adidas Vp Breaks Down Why They Keep Restocking Yeezys 1
Adidas Vp Breaks Down Why They Keep Restocking Yeezys

At the end of 2016, StockX wrote an article called ‘The History of Resell’. The piece was detailed account of recent resale trends and what drove them. There are graphs, data, considered comparisons – everything. It’s recommended sneaker-lit reading.

One of the focuses of the article is adidas’ insistent restocking of hyped releases, and the negative impact it had on the secondary market. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the brand’s practices, and maligns the decision to re-release prized and .

Now adidas’ VP of global entertainment and influencer marketing, Jon Wexler – who played a large part in Yeezys existing in the first place – has weighed in on the matter. Speaking with StockX directly in their new web show, he breaks down the brand's motives.

‘I think kids are just doing what brands have trained them to do over the last 15 to 20 years,’ he explains. ‘And I think that’s why it’s so controversial when we put out an UltraBOOST and we don’t put it out in significant enough quantities.’ He goes on to say that he knows ‘the word “restock” has a negative connotation,’ but that restocks are something adidas do in an attempt to reshape sneaker culture. ‘We’re trying to do our best to retrain the community so that maybe accessibility could be the new hype. To the point that maybe kids are open-minded enough to say, “I don’t have to buy into this mind-set of hard launch after hard launch."'

Still, Wex notes that this doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a second shot at every release you miss. ‘Don't’ get me wrong, there are certain products that we’ll never ever restock, ever.’

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