adidas Velosamba Vegan GX1671
adidas Velosamba Vegan GX1671
adidas Velosamba Vegan GX1671
adidas Velosamba Vegan GX1671
,adidas Velosamba Vegan GX1671

Another adidas Velosamba Goes Vegan
Release: 6 July 2022

Style Code: GX1671

Colourway: Wonder Steel/Cloud White

Amid the 2022 edition of the Tour de France, adidas have launched a new colourway of their Velosamba model. This bike-ready remake of the Samba has been a hit within the overlapping sneakerhead and cyclist niches since its debut in 2021, and now it continues to meet the conscious demands of the vegan community as well.

To the layman, the Velosamba is essentially an OG Samba equipped with cycling-specific features. The most obvious of these is the recess in the forefoot, which has a threaded plate installed for two-bolt cleats (like Shimano SPD or Time ATAC) to be attached. Because it’s cut away, the cleats don’t stick out beyond the rubber outsole, allowing for regular use off the bike.

Other practical additions include the aforementioned vegan upper, which has also been treated with a water-resistant coating for multi-season use. The heel tab is also reflective to aid visibility in low-light conditions, especially on the road. Every detail has been considered – there’s even an elastic loop on the tongue to prevent excess lace knots from getting snagged in the bike chain.

The Velosamba in this new ‘Wonder Steel’ colourway is available now exclusively from the adidas web store.

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