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adidas Unveil The Futurecraft 4d

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The next wave of crazy sneaker tech has arrived with the 4D, the latest design from adidas' innovation department. At first glance it looks quite similar to the versions of the past, but when you look a little closer at the lattice of the sole, you’ll notice a new structure with a cleaner finish. The Futurecraft boffins have achieved this innovation using something called 'Digital Light Synthesis' – a process which uses some next level science, oxygen and light to program a liquid polymer into the desired form. They had a little help from Silicon Valley-based Carbon, a pioneer in the new technology. The result is a finely tuned system of cushioning and support, engineered for energy return through the shape of it's cellular sections.

The adidas Futurecraft 4D will be releasing first as a limited friends and family run of 300 pairs. Later this year they’ll be releasing 5,000 pairs to the public, and we’re sure we’ll see plenty more of the new tech in the not-so-distant future.

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