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The adidas Ultra BOOST 3.0 Just Launched

After a seemingly secretive lead up to their release, the adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 has just gone live. The advertising drive behind the next notch in the Boost belt has been surprisingly quiet. No posters have flooded websites and even so much as a tweet is yet to be pinned. But the silhouette that was arguably the impetus for adidas’ era of success instead appears to have reached us guerrilla style through a few ‘gram accounts and now, a store drop.

Finish Line have just dropped the Ultra Boost 3.0 quiet as a pin, with a promise of eight new colourways. Four of them are displayed here and only the ‘Triple White’ still has sizes available online.

Stay tuned for more on this enigma of a release, and in the meantime check their site to see if anything is available in your size.

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