Adidas Ultra Boost 3 0 Chinese New Year 1
Adidas Ultra Boost 3 0 Chinese New Year 3
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Adidas Ultra Boost Nyc Black Pink 3
,Adidas Ultra Boost Nyc Black Pink 2
Adidas Ultra Boost Nyc Black Pink 1

adidas Ultra BOOST 3.0 (Chinese New Year)

UPDATE: It looks like the adidas were a little too keen to celebrate the Year of the Rooster, releasing the Ultra Boost 3.0 'Chinese New Year' without warning – well ahead of the new year–  through and the NYC adidas flagship stores at 5th Avenue and SoHo. All pairs were quickly snapped up online, though you might still find a pair in-store if fortune's on your side. Fingers crossed a wider release is in the pipeline. We'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: We've got a markedly better look at this Ultra Boost 3.0 courtesy of lucky Boost-head anson1019. In the new pics you can see the marled Primeknit in full detail, and you'll be happy to know they look even more vibrant out in the wild than in the studio. With the trickle of Ultra Boost 3.0 releases turning into a steady stream, the model can't be too far from hitting stores. Stick with us and when word comes from adidas, you'll be the first to know.

The adidas Ultra Boost has been given a new streaky Primeknit pattern, like a lithe tiger ready for action. The mixed black and pink has a few additional flecks of white, while the cage and heel support have been blacked out. A curious tongue tag sports an enigmatic monogram, appearing to read ‘NYC’. The future-classic Boost gets its spring on down below so you can transverse the savannahs with ease.

The adidas Ultra Boost ‘Black/Pink’ is still shrouded in mystery, we just peeped a few flicks from sneakerprophet_, we’ll keep an ear to the ground and let you know.

– Originally published on September 18, 2016

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