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adidas Ultra BOOST

UPDATE: We scored some quiet time with the new Ultra Boost from adidas. After putting it under the microscope and inspecting the tech, we took these babies for a spin – and they are very impressive! Super light and extremely soft under foot. Check the beauty shots we took above and find them on the shelves today at select Three Stripe accounts, including Foot Locker AU.

German scientists have been working in a clandestine laboratory deep underneath adidas' HQ  to bring us the shoe you see above. Well, not quite, but not far off either. The brand with the Three Stripes really went all out on this rendition of the Energy Boost shoe they first released two years ago. The shoe they call 'the greatest running shoe ever' was subjected to ARAMIS testing usually reserved for NASA, Boeing, and Audi along the path to create a runner made out of  3000 'energy capsules', a number they say is twenty percent more bouncy than any other shoe, and so is the number by which runner's performance will be increased... Not too sure about that one, but the shoes do look fly, which is really all any of you care about anyway.

With a white sole and hatched, breathable toebox, the colourway we've seen so far is a dark with purple and blue heel support on the exterior. There's also a feather-weight sock liner that hugs, and adjusts to the contours of your foot, so you know it's gonna be a comfy fit. Look for these at starting today.

- Originally published February 12, 2015.

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