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adidas Tubular X (Hemp)

Adidas Tubular X Hemp 2Adidas Tubular X Hemp 2
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Adidas Tubular X Hemp 1

Straight up, Kanye's line with adidas is expensive, fam! So you're not going to find any judgement here towards anyone that simply can't afford to cop a whole fit – legit, a whole fit is equivalent to the price of a small car or a couple month's rent, or, like, a bunch of food for the winter, but, that doesn't mean you can't still achieve a similar aesthetic on an reasonable budget. Have a good look over these 'Hemp' from adidas. Same muted tones, that bulbous outsole that has every dick and his dog in a frenzy, and even some subtle reflective panelling to keep you shining deep into the night. We actually can't physically spot any Hemp in the construction —but if anyone at adidas is reading this and can point it out for us, [email protected], holla at cha boy – but its all good in blaze town, these will still look great on-foot regardless. Catch them hitting adidas Originals stockists globally right now, but if you really can't wait for your local to stock, Asphalt Gold has got the connect to cop right now.

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