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adidas Tubular Invader (Black)

Brands usually go one of two ways when they drop an immediately successful shoe. They can either run with it and rake in the cash, or stagger releases so the shoe can revel in scarcity. When it comes to the Tubular Invader, adidas have chosen to do the latter. When the shoe was announced recently it was received better than a pay cheque on a Friday– and it seemed to disappear just as fast. But now we're being hit with the re-up. This elegant black model strays from the shoe's basketball origins and veers towards street style. Two tones of black feature on the upper, one in matte premium suede, and the other with a touch more shine over the leather heel. The midsole is then portioned into white on the smooth toe and black on the textural heel.

The adidas Tubular Invader in black is available now from Sneaker Avenue.

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