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adidas Tmac 1 (Svsm Pe)


That fabled question always floats around the sneaker world – 'What if MJ didn't sign to Nike, would the Air Jordan even exist as we know it? There is theory after theory about the 'what ifs', none more correct or incorrect to the other. But after twelve shoes into his contract with Nike, much the same could be said for King James. Many faithful fans cease to look past the Swoosh, and fail to remember that before the LBJ sneaker legacy, the moving mountain rocked the adidas – as his Akron Ohio High School was sponsored by the Three Stripes. Nowadays LeBron is very hush hush about the footwear that he sported back in those days that wasn't a Nike, but thanks to team adidas and Packer Shoes, here is a little reminder of what could have been if a different path was chosen.

Hidden in the adidas archives for quite some time now, the Tmac 1 'St. Vincent - St. Mary' (SVSM) colourway is somewhat the unicorn for many early LBJ followers. That utterly impossible cop, the gem amongst the rubble – try your luck on eBay, we promise you until tomorrow you won't find one attainable. So tomorrow will be a special day for some big Lebron stans. Launching December 6th, the Tmac 1 'SVSM' will be dropping exclusively in extremely limited quantities at Packer Shoes, and Ohio's premier boutique Next. Rock 'em hard, rock 'em proud fam!

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