adidas Superstar Velcro H00193
adidas Superstar Velcro H00193
adidas Superstar Velcro H00193
adidas Superstar Velcro H00193

This adidas Superstar Changes Its Stripes
,Release: 25 February 2022

Style Code: H00193

Colourway: Cloud White

The adidas Superstar’s relative simplicity lends itself to versatility in pretty much all but formal situations. Now, it’s going to be even more adaptable as this version has been remade to be a sticky situation. In a good way, of course.

The uppers are completely made from hook-and-loop fabric (otherwise known as Velcro, but that’s a generic trademark adi probably won’t refer to), enabling patches to be stuck on. They come with a trio of interchangeable stripes and heel panels, in primary colours of red, green and blue. Naturally, adidas have sensibly demonstrated it above with matching patches, but nothing is stopping wearers from placing whatever combination they wish – the patches don’t even have to go where they’re ‘meant’ to. Even more daring is the potential of using third-party patches – perhaps even upside down!? As adi’s slogan goes, ‘Impossible Is Nothing.’

Furthermore, according to the brand, these Superstars are also partially made from recycled content, with 20 per cent of the upper being made from materials that are at least 50 per cent recycled.

These Superstars are available now exclusively from Adidas, and cater to a wide size run of 5 to 14, with half sizes available from 6.5 to 12.5.

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