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Adidas Superstar Kevlar

adidas Superstar (Kevlar)

When you think about it, having feet is a pretty integral part to being a sneakerhead. True, it's not an 'essential' requirement but, if you've got them, you should probably keep in them in tip-top shape if you wanna keep rocking that heat. Perhaps this explains why adidas have gone ahead and brought us a pair of Superstars decked out in that flak-jacket-staple known as Kevlar. We'd hope the use of the bulletproof wonder material in these kicks is purely for show but, with kids in the US shooting each other in the foot for a pair of Yeezys, these might just be a necessary pick up for your next camp out. While we can't confirm that these Kevlar furnished shelltoes will actually endow you with an bullet deflecting capabilities, we can attest that they will keep your kickgame strong. Get yours now from three stripes stockists like Renarts.

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