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adidas Racer Lite (Pereiwi/Merlot)

The adidas Racer Lite is a definite eye catcher on the street, and now it's also an eye catcher on the stock sheet too. This colourway has been labelled 'Pereiwi/Footwear White/Merlot' – enough of this Pantone-slaughtering madness! 'Merlot' is forgivable, 'Footwear White' verges on nonsense, but what the hell is 'Pereiwi'? Google doesn't even know. Nike have set new standards of peculiar colour names – 'Obsidian' and 'Blue Gecko' are just some of their bizarre creations – but at least the inspiration is usually traceable. Pereiwi, though?

Adidas isn't completely cuckoo, though; maybe Titolo, the store that listed these joints, made a typo or took some Swiss artistic license. Alright, simmering down now and returning focus to breathing and the sneaker at hand. In basic English, what we've got here is a cute baby blue shoe for gals with a slice of purply red around the heel. It looks hella comfy and ready for some late-summer street antics. Grab it now from adidas retailers.

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