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Adidas Trimm Star Collection Shot 1
Adidas Trimm Star Yellow 1
Adidas Trimm Star Collection 1
Adidas Trimm Star Blue 1
Adidas Trimm Star Red 1
Adidas Trimm Star Red Profile 1,
Adidas Trimm Star Blue Profile 1
Adidas Trimm Star Yellow Profile 1

adidas Originals Trimm Star (July 2013)

The adidas Original Trimm Star is a suave slipper fit for the house and the poshest of hotel lobbies, and the July drop is pretty damn brash with colour. We're feeling the kicks would make good companion pieces for sports fans too – the red and black Trimm would hold up nice in Chi-Town or Windy Hill, the blue and white would be a prize banana in Orlando or Arden Street, and the yellow and black boomerang would fit right in around Pittsburgh or Punt Road. If you understood all of those references then you know you're Australian and American sports,  well done. You can buy the bomber and pre-order the roo and tiger adi Stars from Aphrodite right now.

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