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Adidas Nevermade I 5923
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Adidas Nevermade Kamanda
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Adidas Nevermade Zx930

adidas' Never Made Pack Is Getting a Wider Release

Team Trefoil paid tribute to their rich archive over the weekend, dropping the ‘Never Made’ collection at Hypefest. If you couldn’t make it to the event, you needn’t worry — they’re releasing globally on October 17.

The pack pays homage to adidas’ long history, fusing heritage uppers to new-gen soles and celebrating three distinct archival periods. The Ix4D, CountryxKamanda and Marathonx5923 retool 70s silhouettes for the modern day; 80s-derived MicropacerxR1s, BostonSuperxR1s and RisingStarxR1s sit retro models atop 21st century NMD soles; and the 98xCrazyBYW and ZX930EQT update Trefoil tech for today’s sneakerheads.

Feeling the mix of old and new? These will hit select adi stores on October 17.

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