adidas Moss Side GZ0484
adidas Moss Side GZ0484
adidas Moss Side GZ0484
adidas Moss Side GZ0484
,adidas Moss Side GZ0484

The adidas Moss Side Remakes Terrace Trainers with an Enviro Edge
Release: 1 April 2022

Style Code: GZ0484

Colourway: Dust Green/Sand

An uncomfortable reality that some eco conscious sneakerheads have to contend with is that their trainer habit can be harmful for the environment due to a number of factors. However, brands are shifting towards better manufacturing practices that translate into tangible improvements for the end user, such as higher recycled content. This methodology reaches the world of adidas’ terrace casuals, which sees the obscure Moss Side being remade with more ecological materials while maintaining its classic look.

The Moss Side is a callout to an inner city section of Manchester, where adidas sneakers rule the roost. Perhaps the name is also a subconscious nod to the improved processes that have helped rebirth the model from its circa 1979 origins as the TRX 600.

For one, the entire shoe is made from at least 50 per cent recycled materials, which is actually pretty hard to tell when looking at the mesh and suede upper. The green on green is a nice combo, and it’s offset by creamy white stripes and heel tabs. It gets even creamier on the midsoles, which meet knobbly rubber outsoles that now contain 10 per cent recycled content. Less obvious is the hemp inside in the insoles and natural cotton shoelaces. Definitely fun facts to drop down at the pub.

Raffles and hard launches are currently open for an April 1 release from boutiques including Asphaltgold, Oi Polloi and END.

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