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adidas Hold Court with First Class Forum Mid

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have finessed the noblesse with the release of this 80s-inspired Mid. Through an elegant campaign shot in the British countryside, the Stripes have debuted a Forum that stays as close as possible to the basketball shoe's original 1984 blueprint. Like the ball shoes of that era, it's got a full leather, classic white upper.

If we compare the Forum Mid's 2017 iteration to its older brother, it's clear that adidas haven't strayed far from the OG design. The blue accents on the stripes and ankle panels copy '84's design, and the hook-and-loop ankle strap popular among the decade's basketball players has been re-introduced.

Of course, have given the Forum's sole a makeover. After all, a lot of progress has been made in basketball sole technology since the 80s. The rubber midsole displayed in the above ad has been swapped out for the latest Bounce tech popularised by the .

This classy Forum is fit for the patrician, the point guard and the pedestrian. Politely pick up a pair soon (and try not to think too hard about the fact that a 1984 shoe is re-releasing on 9/11...).

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