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adidas Gonzales (Black/White)

For those that know, Mark Gonzales is the gawd, period. He personifies the 'IDGAF' attitude; he skated the way he wanted and revolutionised skateboarding and we know it, founded now-seminal label Blind just to piss off his old sponsor Vision, and has successfully tackled the art and fashion world with his unique drawings without subscribing to the stuffy attitudes associated to them. His partnership with adidas skate now spans well over fifteen years, and his signature ,Gonzales has had a few make-ups in its time. The newest addition to the range stays true to the shoe's simplistic aesthetics, in a clean black/white colourway that is a straight up skate shoe, nothing more, nothing less, and exactly how we like it. Available now at Garage Skateshop, grab a pair of these and see if they help you channel Gonz's genius on the board.

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