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adidas D Rose 4 (Boardwalk)

So I'm going to this hip hop Halloween party tonight and my go-to costume for the last three years has been a massive T-shirt with a cartoon Lil Wayne on it looking real tough and it says 'Stop Snitchin' real big on it and there's mad glitter all over it too. It's always a big hit, I hear things like, "Yo, where'd you get that shirt, so dope" from the dudes and, "Damn, boy, it looks like there's enough room in that cape for the both of us" from the ladies. I have never washed it cos the glitter will probably come off, so it's a bit dirty, but I spray perfume all over it and it kinda smells more gross because of that but I can't stop now. Did you know the French used to smell really gross because they didn't shower cos they thought their fragrant powders were enough, but the powder never really covered all of their body odour, so it just ended up stankin' real funky. Anyway, so I'm all prepped to don the Weezy shirt again but then ,Olivia's Party happened, and racial sensitivities are at an all time high, and the Facebook page for this hip hop Halloween party just wrote a message saying if you dress as anything culturally insensitive you will be rejected from entry and also be abused by the party operators. So, what do I do? Is simply wearing a big shirt with Weezy on it akin to me pretending to be black? Truth is though, I am about this life; I wear cuban links under my shirts most weekends and am a frequent bottle popper, but how are the bouncers to know my back story? What should I do? I don't want to get rejected from a club for being insensitive, I want to get rejected for the same reason every other male does – being a male. Hmmm, dilemma.
The adidas D Rose 4 'Boardwalk' drops on November 7 from adidas Basketball retailers and

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