Adidas Crazy 97 Pink Mint 4
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Adidas Crazy 97 Pink Mint 2
Adidas Crazy 97 Pink Mint 1

adidas Crazy 97 (Pink/Mint)

Looks like Kanye wasn't the only thing that jumped from the Swoosh ship and landed on the sandy shores of Three Stripe land. New for February, adidas delivers the Crazy 97 in this suspiciously familiar colourway that should be common ground for heads. With lengths of leather and nubuck converging for an all class affair up high, it's down low where all the magic happens, with pink bits and mint hits zigging and zagging across the crooked-construct of this baller. Peruse the pictures for yourself and for those that fall head over heels for these candy wheels, adidas is the place to procure.

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