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Adidas Crazy 1 Locomotive Box
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,Adidas Crazy 1 Locomotive Box Set

adidas Crazy 1 (Locomotive Pack)

The adidas Crazy 1 apparently takes design cues from German sports cars, so this pack which seems to contain shoes and motorcycle/driving gloves almost makes sense. What doesn't make as much sense is why it's being billed as the 'Locomotive' pack, a word which we more commonly associate with train travel. The real story here, however, is no one actually cares what it's called as long as the product is good, and we can definitely see ballers getting excited over this. The OG Crazy 1 is fully Batmobile-blacked-out (this would actually be a great tie-in for the next Batman movie if adidas slipped these on his tootsies) and the purped-up gloves are serious, so serious. The pack comes stacked in a heavy duty black box and is apparently limited to a run of 300, we don't where and when it will land yet but we'll let you know. Pics via Long7.

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