4 D Iniki Runner 1
4 D Iniki Runner 1
4 D Iniki Runner 1

adidas Bring 4D Tech to the I-5923

After a bumpy start, the I-5923 (the sneaker formerly known as Iniki) is being exalted with adidas’ 4D technology.

To be honest, it’s odd that it took this long. When the Iniki arrived with BOOST technology, its seamless merging of vintage style with modern cushioning. And looking back — especially to the when 747 Warehouse event previewed a number of staple models with 4D tech — the I-5923 was notable in its absence.

Luckily, it looks like adidas were just saving their trump card. Yeezy Mafia are reporting that a 4D version of the I-5923 will be hitting stores in September, and will be part of something called ‘adidas Hybrids’.

We’ll fill you in with more info when it comes.

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