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adidas Are Set to Revive the Quesence

Adidas Quesence Retro 5Adidas Quesence Retro 5
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Adidas Quesence Retro 2

The Quesence, it sounds like a name that was never quite finished – as though it should have been something like quiescence. But that would have been a most inappropriate name, because this is one shoe that’s not about to fade into obscurity. Perhaps the simple fact was that the shoe’s designers were so busy chiselling the detailed heel support and smoothing out the flow of the panels that they simply forgot to name their new creation. And then, in a rush to the finish, had their own moment of acquiescence and settled for the suggestion of the guy in the office who wanted to name it ‘Crescents’ for the little panel that peeks out at the toe, but was sadly has a speech impediment. We will never know and it doesn’t seem to matter. Whatever you want to call it, the shoe has a classic style, built from suede, mesh and . Now, where are those croissants?

The adidas Quesence will be dropping on December 15 from select stockists, including Afew.

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