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adidas Are Rereleasing the Futurepacer This Week
Release: 14 July 2018

Style Code: AQ0907

Colourway: Grey One/FTR White

Looking at adidas’ Futurepacer can make you feel like you've warped timelines and don’t know exactly when you are. Is it a futuristic sneaker from the past? Is it a retro sneaker from the future? In 2018, it’s a bit of both.

The sneaker brings retrofuturism to the present by retro-ing the Micropacer tooling and merging it with contemporary NMD styling — even though the NMD itself was in part inspired by the Micropacer. Yep, it’s confusing, but the result is epic, so you should let it slide.

The sneaker dropped in June, but adidas are bringing it back to shelves. Some might argue that, as time is a flat circle, it never truly left shelves (and some might look at retailers to prove this). Nevertheless, the rerelease puts it back on our radar and makes us question whether we were right to pass on it the first time.

If you’re having regrets, you can grab the Futurepacer on July 15 — hit the calendar below to save the date.

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