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adidas Are Dropping Their Crazy BYW in 'Carbon'

Adidas Crazy Bw 7Adidas Crazy Bw 7
Adidas Crazy Bw 6
Adidas Crazy Bw 5
Adidas Crazy Bw 3
Adidas Crazy Bw 2
Adidas Crazy Bw 1

The are keeping their basketball line fashionable with the inclusion of a ‘Carbon’ Crazy BYW. The baller chops the grayscale into its three most-distinct parts, offering a rare look at how black and white BOOST can work together on a midsole.

Anyone not sold on the bulbous design need only look to Kanye’s , which took soles like this (namely from adidas' KB8 3) and turned them into the framework for modern hype.

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