Adids Originals Aps Dp
Adids Originals Aps Dp
Adids Originals Aps Dp

Complete adidas Aps 2014 Pack Unveiled

Adidas were on some next levelness back in the 80s, and although they have released some pretty staunch stuff since then, there's no doubt that decade was a particularly trippy period. The Micropacer and the APS series were two innovations that really helped set adi apart from their competitors. Both are considered classics today and are a staple in any collector's line-up, so re-releases will definitely turn some heads. We recently covered the return of the red, blue and white APS rendition, which can be got from Oneness, but as we promised, we now have word on the red, blue and black colourway, thanks to the guys at Suelasdegoma. Offered with the same Anti-Pronation and Shock (APS) tech as the OG, including that nifty little key, the release of this retro colour scheme has been slated for May 1, 2014. No word yet as to who will be stocking them, but you can be sure SF will keep you in the loop.

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