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Parley and adidas Give You a Reason to Look Good This Week

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you’d be mighty chilly right now. Your wardrobe has probably defaulted to clunky, cosy chic and comfort is no doubt trumping aesthetic. Coming to the rescue, Parley and adidas have a remedy — their new collection will give you reason to look good and feel good doing it. If you’re fully involved, it’ll even warm you up.

The eco-conscious collaborators are dropping a squadron of UltraBOOSTs built from Ocean-saving plastic. The up-cycled materials in each shoe stop approximately 11 plastic bottles from tarnishing our waters. That’s good enough, but adidas are doubling-down on the good deed. If you grab a pair, hit the road and log your miles in the Runtastic app, adidas will donate a dollar to Parley's cause for every kilometre you run. Plus, the activity will keep you toasty. It's a win-win.

Styles dropping include caged and uncaged options, floating heels and men’s and women’s sizes. Head over to JD Sports on June 28 to do some good.

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