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adidas A3 Twinstrike (Running White)

Adidas A3 Twinstrike 4Adidas A3 Twinstrike 4
Adidas A3 Twinstrike 5
Adidas A3 Twinstrike 3
Adidas A3 Twinstrike 2
Adidas A3 Twinstrike 1

The have ripped open a wormhole to the early 2000s, reached in, and dragged the A3 Twinstrike into present day. Showing the early days of adidas’ energy returning endeavours, the sneaker has compartments that flex and spring back as your foot rolls forward. Eye-catching gold accents are placed all over the shoe – showing on the midsole, branding, tongue and heel – so everyone knows what place on the podium you’re aiming for.

The adidas A3 Twinstrike in ‘Running White’ is available now from Overkill.

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