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Leaked: A Wild adidas NMD Colab

Juice X Adidas Nmd Racer 1Juice X Adidas Nmd Racer 1

An colab has just hit the airwaves that pays little to no attention to current trends. Usually, that’s a plus. But this drop has a certain, well, je ne sais quoi that may bring it unwanted attention. The colab (which uses the yet-released but purportedly named silhouette) is covered with the type of tribal markings that would make it at home in a NASCAR event or on the feet of someone wearing a tweenage Anakin haircut.

Yeezy Mafia have called it the ‘Alienegra’ and the insoles reveal Hong Kong’s Juice are responsible, meaning that it falls outside any Western tropes, and the xeno-stylings are a considered design choice. No official parties have weighed in with release info, but we’ll let you know when they do.

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