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A Tidy 'Blue Nebula' Blesses Nike's Air Max 98
Release: 24 May 2018

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Nebula Blue

When Sergio Lozano designed the inimitable Air Max 95, he created a cult classic.
It was a mammoth feat for an aspiring industrial designer who didn’t set out to design shoes, and few expected that he'd repeat the success.

But in 1998, he did. He pulled a rabbit out of the hat by whipping up a formidable successor to Nike’s Air Max 97: the heavily branded Air Max 98.

A couple decades later, we’re still fiending for the design. Noobs will have eyes only for colabs whipped up by Supreme et al. whereas true fans of the design will see gems like this ‘Nebula Blue’ and jump on them. If you count yourself in the latter, this 98 will hit NDC on May 24.

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