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A 'Stranger Things' Shoe by BAIT x Reebok

Stranger ThingsStranger Things

Season two of Stranger Things will land on Netflix on October 27. If you're one of the show's zillion fans, you'll no doubt be stocking up on coffee and Eggos in prep for an epic marathon this weekend. And if new-season anticipation doesn't have you hyped enough, this should get you there: the show has a new shoe.

Yep.  and are taking us to the Upside Down, and we're not exactly sure what to expect when we get there. BAIT posted a teaser image but, much like Netflix's trailer below, it gives little away. From the images, we can tell it's a high-top white Reebok model with blue and red Stranger Things themed accents.

It seems like there's only one strap here, ruling out the possibility of it being one the many releases Reebok have put out lately. Right now, we're thinking this may be a high-top ; after all, this 80s classic would be an appropriate tie-in with the new series, which takes place around Halloween in 1984. But, as we learned from season one, we shouldn't make our predictions too early when it comes to Stranger Things!

Borrowing from Dustin in season one, we're asking BAIT and Reebok, 'Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?' There's currently no drop date, but when this curiosity door opens, we'll be sure to let you know. While you're waiting, check out the new season's trailer.

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