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A Sneak Peek at Skepta's Air Max 97/BW

Skepta’s new Nike collaboration has hit the internet and it’s not what we'd hoped for. Japanese retailer mita sneakers got hold of the shoe and posted it on Instagram, sharing the first look at Nike’s newest hybrid, the Air Max 97/BW.

Some elements of the colab look great. The slim tongue with lasered cut-outs is dope, and, unlike some hybrids, the 97 plus BW combo isn't incongruous. But we’re at a loss as to why they didn’t kick things off with the ‘Persian Violet’ colourway that the BW is known for. This ‘Ultramarine’ is fine and all, but the py_rates render blew it out of the water.

Nike hasn’t voiced official info, so it’s possible that the Persian make-up is still coming. Who knows, it could be even be a pack. Here’s hoping.

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