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A Rather Confusing adidas AlphaBOUNCE

According to adidas this particular AlphaBOUNCE features ‘colours inspired by football’s greatest tournament,’ yet they offer no explanation as to what that actually means. All we can do is wonder what World Cup cues have been drawn upon. The grass is green, the balls are black and white, the trophy is gold and green, and the logo this year is red and blue. So it must be the logo, right? Although, that’s really more of a burgundy.

Well, one thing we can be sure of is that the modern running silhouette is comfortable thanks to its BOUNCE foam and ridged Forgedmesh upper, which expands and contract with the flexing of your foot. So adidas, if you’re listening, we’d like a better explanation please.

The adidas AlphaBOUNCE EM WC will be available through their online store on June 10.

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