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A Look at Nike's Holiday Air Force 1 Offerings

Since its debut in 1982, Nike’s perennial favourite, the Air Force 1, has seen every combination and permutation under the sun. It’s had one of the most enduring histories in sneaker lore, and Nike are celebrating its versatility with a slew of holiday releases.

The collection comprises three distinct packs that highlight the silhouette’s many iterations. The Utility Pack sees an AF-1 strapped up for a modern take on the OG, sporting exaggerated features and hard-wearing materials, while the NBA pack sees team colours hit a series of AF-1 LV8s whose Swooshes carry hidden NBA logos.

Finally, the women’s pack revisits the AF-1 Sage and Rebel from the 1 Reimagined Collection.

The rest of 2018 promises something for every Force fan, so look for these to roll out over the coming months.

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