ARTICLE BY Olivia Finlayson

A Logical Evolution in Flip-Flop Fashion, Via Nike

We’ll open with this: we don’t hate it. It’s silly, but it’s also weirdly convenient. For all those times when carrying your keys/loose change/lucky rabbit’s foot is wildly inconvenient, Nike have come through with a stylish solution.

Gone are the days of wearing bum bags/fanny packs in the vicinity of your bum; modern times have declared that it's the humble foot's turn to store your knick-knacks. Leaked via US11, the Nike-branded flip-flops feature a zip-closure compartment where one would normally find a humdrum forefoot strap. In addition to novelty factor, the new design boasts eye-catching colours with pink, purple and black, and lime green, black and teal make-ups.

We’re betting these will land in time for summer frolicking. Stay tuned for updates.

Now ReadingA Logical Evolution in Flip-Flop Fashion, Via Nike
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