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A Host of Wild Air Force 270s Are Coming

Nike’s Air Force 270 isn’t for the meek. It’s not for most people, actually. Fastenings, a high-reaching profile and an other-worldly bubble underfoot means the majority will see it as Nike indulging themselves to excess. But to those with more than a cursory interest in Beaverton, the design is a homage to heritage.

A modern nod to the Air Force 180s Charles Barkley wore during the ’92 Olympics, the sneaker harks back to bulky footwear designs that predated 1996’s Air More Uptempo.

Nike scholars will be stoked to learn that a host of new colourways are dropping. Leaker US11 just previewed 10 new colourways, all of which are set to bring popular Swoosh colour schemes from catalogue to shelf. A release date hasn’t been named yet; we’ll let you know when Nike give up the goods.

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