New Balance 992 Blue Silver M992TB
New Balance 992 Blue Silver M992TB
New Balance 992 Blue Silver M992TB
New Balance 992 Blue Silver M992TB,

A Colourful New Balance 992 is No Blue-per
Release: 5 August 2021

Shock horror! A New Balance sneaker – the 992 no less – that isn’t grey! Okay, it’s time to move on from the fact that NB know how to use a Pantone chart, because the ‘Grey Dad Shoe’ trope that’s stuck to the brand is ready for the retirement home. The NB 992 is only 15 years young and, as such, it wholeheartedly deserves to be exalted in hues beyond the greyscale. And this overdyed blue edition that’s out now might be bright enough to get Eiffel 65 and/or the Blue Man Group to announce a new world tour.

Yo listen up, here’s a story about a blue sneaker that lives in a blue world. All day and all night, everything that it sees is just blue, like it, inside and outside. Blue its suede overlays with a blue mesh toe box, yada yada yada.

Most interestingly is the over-sprayed blue midsole, which gets lighter towards the outsoles. This effect has been spotted on a pair of 992 customs before. Have NB been inspired this custom, and pushed their own take into their local US production in a very short time? Origin story aside, the blue 992 is available now – and selling very quickly – directly from New Balance.

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