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A Closer Look at the BAIT x Reebok 'Stranger Things' Colab

Just yesterday we were hoping that BAIT and Reebok would unlock the curiosity door and give us more than the teasing sneak-peek of their Stranger Things colab.

And the wait is already over! Feast your eyes on the BAIT x Stranger Things x Ghostbusters x Reebok Ex-O-Fit Clean Hi. Why Ghostbusters? Well, the franchise is set to play an important role in Stranger Things' second season.

BAIT tells us that, 'In the Summer of 1984, Ghostbusters was the #1 movie in Hawkins, Indiana. Dustin had just seen the movie for the fifth time as he sat in his bedroom and reimagined the ghosts onto his shoes, not knowing what lay ahead in his own story...' Dustin's sketches are scribbled across the entire shoe, including the inner sole.

We weren't expecting a sneaker retailer to drop a teaser for the new Strangers Things season, but we'll take it!

Get ready for this model to release on October 28, the day after the show's premiere. Enter the raffle for BAIT x Reebok 'Stranger Things' Ex-O-Fit here.

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