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A Closer Look at Stussy's Hand-Dyed Nike Air Force 1 Collaboration

Stussy x Nike Air Force 1 Tie Dye hero shot
Stussy x Nike Air Force 1 Tie Dye

In a rather unexpected follow up to the ‘Fossil’ and ‘Black’ hemp-uppered, subtly branded Nike Air Force 1 collaboration from last month, Stussy have linked up with Lookout & Wonderland a small Los Angeles–based company specialising in natural fibres to hand-dye a limited edition batch of the Air Force 1s in five unique colourways.

In a nice touch, each colour used has been chosen to represent the cities which make up the brand’s World Tour series: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and Paris. You can expect blue, yellow, grey, green, and red colourways, with each pair unique in its own way, due to the unique dyeing method. No two pairs will be identical!

Adding to the one-of-a-kind aesthetic, Lookout & Wonderland ensure the natural dyes haven’t penetrated the lining too deeply, which means there is polyester component to the material composition. Very cool. This means there shouldn’t be as much pigment transfer onto socks and pants. More excuses to rock 'em, and not stock 'em.

The latest Stussy x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration will release on January 29 via Stussy’s webstore at 10AM PST. There is no word of a (unlikely) wider drop, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

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