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Stussy X Nike Header
Stussy X Nike Header

A Brief History of Stussy x Nike Collaborations

You’ve undoubtedly seen a myriad of amazing sneakers being released from the combined minds of Stussy and Nike over the years. Since 2010, the two brands have come together to deliver a historically-important back catalogue of industry-changing projects that have helped sculpt the world of sneakers into what it is today. The partnership was the first of its kind, and the cultural significance of this joint venture will forever ripple through sneaker history – and it all began with the Nike Huarache Le.

Stussy Nike Huarache Front Toe Full
Stussy Nike Huarache Le Top Shot Full
Stussy Nike Huarache Le Tan Heel Closeup
Stussy Nike Huarache Le Front Yellow Full
Stussy Nike Huarache Le Full Top

Stussy x Nike Huarache Le (2000)

The beginning of what has become an extremely fruitful partnership, Michael Kopelman from Stussy UK and Nike's Fraser Cooke came together for an unofficial collaboration. Choosing their favourite model, the two delivered an extremely limited run of Huaraches that were to be strictly sold in the London store. If you’re looking to cop this rare piece of history, be prepared to pay upwards of $600 after you scour the Internet for months on end.

Stussy Nike Dunk High Brown Lateral Side
Stussy Nike Dunk High Black Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike Dunk High (2001)

The 2001 Stussy x Nike Dunk High was extremely important. It's said to be both the first time Nike had ever officially partnered up with a clothing company, and the first time that Nike had used a specialty fabric on the Swoosh. The release was limited to only 24 pairs in each Chapter store per day, which caused a line-up out the front of each door for over two weeks, until all the stock was sold out.

Stussy Nike Blazer Mid Lateral Side Both

Stussy x Nike Blazer Mid (2002)

In 2019, the Blazer Mid has stepped back into the limelight thanks to brands like Slam Jam, Soulland, and sacai lending their design expertise. When Stussy delivered their own iteration back in 2002, they hit an instant classic with their unique and bold take on a soon-to-be skate classic.

Stussy Nike Huarache Light Orange Lateral Side
Stussy Nike Huarache Light Green Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike Huarache Light (2003)

Still hot on the trail of chasing down industry firsts, the successful partnership between Stussy and Nike was just beginning to snowball. An extremely limited run of Family and Friends pairs were produced with an embroidered Stussy logo on the side, marking the first time Nike had allowed co-branding on their footwear. Unfortunately, these were never cleared for resale, which makes this Huarache Light the rarest Stussy x Nike shoe ever made.

,Stussy Nike Sb Dunk Low Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike SB Dunk Low (2005)

Coming straight from the clearly hungry mind of then team manager Robbie Jeffers, is this sweet-as-ice-cream make-up of the infamous Nike SB Dunk Low. Taking inspiration from Neapolitan ice cream, the colours of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla were deliciously spread across the design, with a cherry on the tongue acting quite literally as the cherry on top. Yum!

Stussy Nike Court Force X All Pairs Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike Court Force XXV (2005)

To commemorate Stussy’s 25th anniversary, Nike’s Court Force became the blank canvas for a special detail-oriented release. The Swoosh, toe guard, and heel came dressed in a crocodile texture, the main Stussy cities were printed across the heel and footbed, while the vintage Stussy Tom Tom print made its appearance on the tongue. The original samples had song lyrics printed on the heels, but this was unfortunately never cleared for release.

Stussy Nike Free Trail 5 0 All Lateral Side
Stussy Nike Trainer Dunk Low Both Lateral Side
Stussy Nike Dunk Hi World Tour All Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike 'World Tour Project' (2006)

In 2006, Stussy initiated their World Tour Project which involved 40 artists coming together to each create their own interpretation of the classic Stussy World Tour t-shirt. To accompany this international project, they also dropped four new colourways of the ostrich Swoosh Dunk High along with two other silhouettes: the Trainer Dunk Low and the Free Trail 5.0.

Stussy Nike Nbhd All Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike x NEIGHBORHOOD ‘Boneyards’ (2008)

After a two-year hiatus, Stussy and Nike invited Japanese heavyweights NEIGHBORHOOD into bed and delivered the ‘Boneyards’ collection. Featuring the Blazer and Terminator, the heavily branded collection was released with an entire range of apparel and accessories.

Stussy Nike All Court All Front Full

Stussy x Nike All Court Mid XXX (2010)

Having already proven to both Nike and the world that their design decisions were a sure-fire hit, Stussy released a slew of co-branded and textured Swoosh All Court Mids in celebration of their 30th anniversary. A Stussy x Nike Sportswear Destroyer Varsity letterman jacket and t-shirt were released as part of the capsule, while a third 'Royal Blue' canvas edition of the sneaker was a Friends and Family addition.

Stussy Nike Sky Force All Front Full

Stussy x Nike Sky Force 88 Mid (2012)

With an embossed SS link logo on the tongue of the Nike Sky Force 88 Mid appearing as an updated version of the Sky Force logo, the collection of four was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Stussy Nike Ss Nike Ad 2
Images via: Nike
,Stussy Nike Ss Nike Ad 1
Images via: Nike

Stussy x Nike 'S&S Off Mountain Series' (2012)

In an effort to combine the driving influences from each brand, three silhouettes explored the duality and functionality of footwear across different environments. Named the 'S&S Off Mountain Series', the Mogan 2, Lunar Braata Mid and Dunk used snow, sand and street style as a focus to combine Nike’s extensive history of innovation with Stussy’s firm foothold in fashion subcultures.

Stussy Nike Trainerendor Both Pairs Toe Heel
Stussy Nike Trainerendor Both Pairs Front Full
Stussy Nike Trainendor Green Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike Trainerendor Low (2013)

Combining comfort technology from Nike SB with rugged tech from Nike’s high-tier mountaineering division ACG, and genius colourway designing from the brilliant minds of Nike and Stussy, sounds like too much of a dream to have ever happened, but it 100 per cent did.

Stussy X Nike Air Max 95 All Front Full

Stussy x Nike Air Max 95 (2015)

To celebrate Stussy’s 35th Anniversary, and the Air Max 95’s 20th, the two brands released a deceivingly subtle collection of AM95s. The simple yet effective makeup of the 1995 classic merges Nike’s history of iconic designs with Stussy’s contemporary sportswear aesthetic. Each pair features Stussy branding underneath the Air Max bubble unit, with the tongue being made from neoprene as an ode to the first ever collaboration released by the two brands.

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Stussy Nike Sb Terps Blazer Low Lateral Side
Stussy Nike Blazer Mid Lateral Side

Stussy x Nike SB Blazer Mid and Low (2018)

Their most recent release, the match made in heaven released two Nike SB Blazers in correlation with two different team riders. The Blazer Low ‘KT’ for Kevin Terpening featured hairy suede with his icon clearly emblazoned on the tongue, while the Blazer Mid celebrated Lance Mountain’s longevity in the skateboarding scene.

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