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The Return Of The Osiris D3

A$AP Rocky's Sneakers Have People Divided

Look at A$AP Rocky’s IG post. Is he wearing Osirus D3s or a new sneaker he’s created with Under Armour?

Your gut reaction is to say D3s, right? Same, and Four Pins agrees.

Highsnobiety, however, have made a case for the sneaker being a brand-new model. Citing differences in the lace cage, and a recent YouTube clip, they think the sneaker could be Flacko’s long-awaited Under Armour signature. We agree that the cage does look different, but not enough to warrant the claim. The video adds weight to the speculation by showing ‘Sample 2’ of a supposed Rocky sneaker looking like a 90s skate shoe revamped for 2018’s battle of the bulk.

Whether the sneaker pictured is an Osirus or an Osirus tribute isn’t 100 per cent clear. But the last time the blogosphere speculated on Rocky’s footwear his Twitter fingers were quick to dispel rumours.

We’ll be watching his account closely to see if he pipes up.

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