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Nike Air Max 90 Em (Beaches Of Rio)

Nike Airmax90 Bor Profile 1Nike Airmax90 Bor Profile 1
Nike Airmax90 Bor Tongue Detail 1
Nike Airmax90 Bor Toe Detail 1
Nike Airmax90 Bor Sole Detail 1

The final instalment of Nike's Air Max EM is this aquatic sunrise Air Max 90. The engineered mesh adorning the upper makes for that refreshing open air feel and suits the sandy ocean side to a T. Bright orange sunburst jumps off the lining, laces and bubble frame and a sandy speckled midsole teams up with an earthy brown leather splash panel... Enough of the mumbo jumbo though, just check 'em out below and head to size? to cop. Surf's up brah!!!

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