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43 Einhalb Kangaroos Ovis 8
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43 Einhalb Kangaroos Ovis 1
43 Einhalb Kangaroos Ovis 2
43 Einhalb Kangaroos Ovis 3
43 Einhalb Kangaroos Ovis 4
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Kanga Roos

43einhalb X Kangaroos Coil-R2 (Ovis)


UPDATE: We've got the first look forest and on-foot photos, plus a sneak peek of the packaging!

Thanks to the influx of high-end brands like Hender Scheme and even Balenciaga into the sneaker market, we are truly on the verge of a trainer price-point renaissance. Buyers want top-shelf quality and aren’t afraid to pay for the privilege. This collaboration between German store 43einhalb and ROOS is the perfect example. Entirely handmade in a traditional German shoemaking factory, only the finest materials have made the cut in this homage to the evil blackheaded sheep known as ‘OVIS daemonicus’ (we shit you not!). With ‘Bovine Cervo’ leather from Scandinavia, perforated nubuck from Italy and gorgeous German suede, this is one sneaker more than worthy of international status – and the €250 pricetag. If you’re yet to get down with a pair of ROOS on your feet, this might just turn you on to the brand. Baa!


German sneaker lords 43Einhalb are having a stack of spooky fun with their new KangaROOS colab on the Coil-R2. In a crafty example of 'sneaker storytelling', the dramatic trailer for the release channels a Hollywood blockbuster vibe and alludes to a Chinese legend of an 'evil sheep' that may just feast on humans every 12 years. We won't give the game away, though, so get to watching it above and know the facts that matter: the 'OVIS' colab drops on Saturday, November 28 in-store at 43Einhalb's pop-up in Fulda, with remaining sizes placed online by nightfall; after the release there will be a 'Handtuchparty' (it means 'towel party', and our curiosity has definitely been aroused; it was made in Germany; and there are only 150 pairs worldwide. Stay tuned to SF for more pics and info in the coming days.

Originally featured on November 4, 2015

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