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24 Kilates X Diadora N9000 (Toro)

Diadora 24 Kilates 1
Diadora 24 Kilates 2
Diadora 24 Kilates 3
Diadora 24 Kl Toro 5
Diadora 24 Kl Toro 4
Diadora 24 Kl Toro 3
Diadora 24 Kl Toro 2
Diadora 24 Kl Toro 1

Spanish sneaker lords pop up again with another tidy colab release, this time with Italiano neighbours Diadora. They take on the , the subject of a recent retailer-led renaissance, and apply some hot-blooded Spanish spice, using the vim and vigour of the fighting Toro Bravo bull as the shoe's muse. Imitating the coarse look of the burly breed's hair, luxury Italian leathers were sourced and crafted in Lo Stivale and shipped across to Spain, where the limited edition run of 300 pairs will be released this Saturday, April 25 at 24 Kilates' Barcelona store, before pairs drop in Madrid next Thursday, the 30th. Stay tuned for online release info.

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