PUMA Godfather Helmut Fischer Shares Massive Sneaker Archive

May 12, 2017

Known simply as ‘Mr. PUMA’, Helmut Fischer is the preeminent gatekeeper of all product bearing the Big Cat. He’s been working for the company for nearly four decades, transcending various roles to ultimately become the steward of PUMA’s product archive.

Size? UK paid a visit to Fischer, and were treated to a tour of some 3500 PUMA sneakers. A collection that big is too much to take in in one go, and Fischer had to share his trove over two sessions. There are enough gems littered throughout the collection to keep Ali Baba happy, with shoes worn to win marathons, break records and satisfy design curiosities. As he leads Size? through his warren of grails, he describes nuances in PUMA’s running footwear that has led them to be the brand of choice for the fastest runner in the world.

We’ve got the video here for you, and you can head over to Size? UK’s blog for the full story.

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