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Zoo York Artist Series 1
Zoo York Artist Series 1
Zoo York Artist Series 1

Zoo York Artist Series

Makeset is a design collective comprised of two Brooklyn-based artists/designers/makers – Mike Perry and Zoo's very own in-house creative mastermind, Damien Correll. Long-time friends and regular collaborators, over the years the two have joined forces on several ‘zines, prints, and other acclaimed art projects. The tag team duo’s new series of Zoo York pro models feature custom graphics that are a playful spin on NYC’s iconic landmarks, renowned architecture, and bustling neighborhoods. From Coney Island, Times Square, and the East River, to the Brooklyn Bridge, Flatiron District, and Chrysler Building, the Makeset Artist Series provides a unique visual narrative on the Big Apple.

The Broken Windows Artist Series is a custom creation brought to life by a covert design collective affiliated with Zoo York. Keeping it dark and gritty like New York City, the graphics on this collaborative series of pro model boards reflect the wide range of typography, graffiti, and scrawls plastered all throughout the city's five boroughs. Cleverly designed so the graphics from one board bleed onto the next to form a complete set (aka, polyptych), the inspiration for this series was derived from a challenge to the 80’s era Broken Windows theory that was adopted by the Giuliani Administration as a way to clean up city streets by cracking down on graffiti, petty crime, and other forms of perceived “vandalism.”


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