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Young LeBron Asks For 'Chosen 1' Tattoo in New Nike Ad

Young Lebron Tattoo 1Young Lebron Tattoo 1

newest ad features a creepily young walking into a tattoo parlour and asking for a tattoo. ‘You sure this what you want?’ scoffs the tattooist. ‘Yes Sir,’ replies LilBron. A close-up reveals a CGI’d, pre-crowned King James and we learn that what he wants tattooed is a crudely lettered ‘Chosen 1’.

The ad doesn’t reveal much more, although LeBron fans will recognise the design as Bron’s sprawling back tat.

Via @darrenrovell on Twitter

The origin story behind the self-fulfilling prophecy dates back to 2002. Sports Illustrated featured an 18-year-old LeBron on their cover, pegging him as ‘The Chosen One’. The young baller liked how it sounded, got it etched on his back, and seemingly decided he might as well become the world’s greatest player so that he didn’t look stupid.

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