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Yok And Sheryo Paint Nyc In The adidas NMD

Yok And Sheryo Explore Ny In The Adidas Nmd 2 1Yok And Sheryo Explore Ny In The Adidas Nmd 2 1

Artistic duo Yok and Sheryo have built a formidable rep by painting the town red, black and white. Their palette has a host of other hues too, but as Yok says in this new Hypebeast clip: these are colours you can always find when you’re on the move.

Yok also likens their viewpoint to that of skaters, rolling around the urban sprawl sussing out new ways to interact with spaces. But skaters cover the ground on wheels, and Yok and Sheryo do not. So, to help them get around and keep fresh feet, hooked them up with the urban nomads of the sneaker world – the – and watched as they put them to work.

The resulting video sees the two scaling rooftops in New York and finding the perfect spot to paint one of their unique characters, a dragon they’d drawn while exploring a remote jungle in Indonesia. They also expound on their careers, sharing insights and thoughts on an approach that has made them heavyweights in contemporary street art – essential info for anyone interested in peeking into the creative psyche.

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