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Erik Natapradja 3 1
Erik Natapradja 4 1
Nike Air Bw 1
Nike Dunk High Multi Colour 1
Nike Sb Blazer Purple Snakeskin 1
Nike Dunk Sb 1 1
Nike Sb Stussy 1
Nike Sb Supreme Hi 1
Nike Sb Doom 1
Nike Dunk Sb Freddy Krueger 1
Nike Sb 5 1
Nike Sb 6 1
Nike Sb Sbtg 1
Nike Sb Stbg 1
Nike Sb Tiffany 1
Nike Sb Blazer 2 1
Nike Air Stabb Infrared 1
New Balance 3
,Nike Dunk Sb Low Blue 1
Nike Dunk Sb Low Supreme 1
Nike Air Stab 2
Nike Dunk Sb Melbourne 1
Nike Sb Dunk Tiffany 1
Nike Sb Supreme 1
Nike Dunk Sb Hi Supreme 1
Visvim 1
Nike Sb Pink 1
Nike Air Yeezy Zen 1 1
Erik Natapradja 6 1
Nike Dunk Flom Futura 1
Nike Sb Freddy Krueger 1
Visvim 3 1
Nike Kaws Air Max 90 1
Nike Dunkle 2 1
Erik Natapradja Collection 1 1
Erik Natapradja Collection 2 1
New Balance Heaven Hell 1
New Balance Pigeon 1
Nike 1 1
Nike Air 180 Opium 2 1
Visvim Moccasin 1
Nike Air 180 Opium 1
Nike Air Max 1 Blue Elephant 1
,New Balance 1 1
Nike Air Max 87 New Balance Pigeon 1 1
Nike Air Yeezy Zen 1
Nike Circle Of Kicks 1 1
Nike Air Max 90 Homegrown 1
Nike Air Max 90 Infrared 4
Nike Air Max 87 Crackle 1
Nike Air Max 90 King Of The Mountain 1
Nike Bw Persian 2 1
Nike Air Max 180 Opium 2 1
Nike Air Stabb Infrared 2 1
Nike Dunk 4 1
,Nike Sb Tiffany 2 1
Nike Dunk Hi 7
Nike Dunk High Mf Doom 1
Nike Dunk Lucky 7 1
Nike Supreme Blazer 1
Nike Dunk Nylon Green 1
New Balance Hell 2 1
Nike Dunk Sb Snakeskin 1
Visvim 2 1
Nike Dunk Sb Tie Dye 2 1
Nike Dunk Sb Tie Dye 3 1
Nike Dunk Solar 1 1
,New Balance Unpigeon 1 1
Nike Dunkle Blazer Supreme 1
Nike Dunkle 2
Nike Kaws Air Max 90 2 1
Nike Sb 2 1
Nike Sb 3 1
Erik Natapradja 1
Nike Sb Dinasour Jnr 1
New Balance Hell 1
Nike Sb Dunk Tie Dye 1
Nike Sb Money Cats 1
Nike Sb Nerd 1
Visvim High Top 1
Erik Natapradja 5 1
Visvim 1 1

Nike SB Mega Collector!

In these days of belt tightening and beige tinted sneaker conservatism it's great to see someone still looking to up the ante with a poplin' collection of in-your-face classics. Meet Erik Natapradja who has been collecting sneakers since the heyday of Nike SB. When it comes to unhindered creativity few brands came close to the SB team and their penchant for pop savvy designs that super glued themselves to the imagination. Erik has an enviable array of heat, including Supremes, Dooms, Chocolates, Dinosaur JRs and much, much more. If SB's aren't your thing then no doubt you'll drool over his Visvims, Pigeon NBs and Kaws Air Max currents! As Erik explains, ' I was born in Indonesia but currently live in Bloomington, IN. Back when I lived in Indonesia I wasn't really concerned about sneakers or the scene around it. But after I moved to the United States, I started falling in love with collecting kicks, plain and simple. I actually never considered it ‘collecting'; I just bought what I liked.'

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Back in 2008 I was surfing the net looking to buy a new pair of kicks and while online I came across various forums - I became curious to say the least. At first I couldn't comprehend why these so called ‘members' were showing off their collections, talking about new releases and the history of sneakers. But nonetheless, I joined the forum and posted my new pick-up - the Nike Zoom team edition SB Shrek. I was floored to see the response! I met a lot of new friends in Indonesia that had the same interest and vision as me – to help peeps in our community become more aware of fakes, pushing them to only buy legit sneakers. Thus IST aka Indonesia Sneaker Team was born.

My collection consists mainly of Nike SBs because I have small legs, so unfortunately Jordans don't suit my style. There's also plenty of Air Max, New Balance, Visvim, and anything that'll look nice on me because I'm the kind of person that likes to rock everything I buy. One of my favorites is the Nike SB Freddy Krueger because it was never released to the public. Also at the top of the list are the Nike SB Chocolate and Nike SB supreme low because they have a dope concept and are the 1st generation of Nike SBs. And let's not forget about my Visvim FBT Mastermind Japan editions - they are so comfy and unique...you can' go past them! Check out my collection here!

Words and Photography by Erik Natapradja

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